Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boston (part 3)

Just a cool building we saw, very ornate and old. The unicorn is Boston's Athletic Association's symbol. It was chosen in 1887, because in mythology a unicorn stands for an ideal, something to pursue, that can never be caught.
China Town
I love going to different China Town's. They have the coolest things.
Saw this and loved it. Ryan does not like the Yankees. It was so funny.
There were some yummy looking desserts in China Town.
One by sea, two by land...
This was very cool to go inside.
Just a little thing they had telling about the North Church
Would be kind of nice to have our own reserved pew in church. But then people would notice when you weren't there...
Paul Revere on his ride with the North Church behind him. (thought this looked cool)

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Amy said...

what a fun fun trip! Boston is a place I would love to visit!