Monday, September 17, 2012

Boston (post 1)

The morning we left to Boston. (poor Brooklynn was sick. I hated leaving her.)

McKenna with her sign for Daddy. It was early and he was too tired and grouchy to take a picture.

On the runway and it started pouring rain and there was a lot of wind. It postponed our flight about 45 minutes.

Finally got up in the air, but we missed our connecting flight.

Ron and Susan were able to get another flight to Boston, but Ryan and I took a little detour. We headed down to Georgia. (Okay a big detour) We finally made it to Boston about 12:30 am the next morning. Not a good time to arrive in the middle of a city. I am so sheltered living in Utah. There was crazy stuff we saw.

The next day we did a bus tour around the city. It was so fun. We got out on a lot of different stops and went site seeing.

Boston Harbor is beautiful.



So cool. Love all the architecture.

Off of the Harbor there was an Aquarium although we didn't go inside. They have this little area outside that you could see the Otters.

They were so cute! Look at that face.


This is the artwork of some of the Sea Otters.


So cool!
We rode a ferry and here is another shot of Boston Harbor.

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