Friday, November 5, 2010

McKenna Mae's Pictures

(CLICK ON THE RIGHT TO TURN OFF MY MUSIC) This is a song on the Taylor Swift new cd. It is called Never Grow up. I love it. It reminds me of my girls and life right now. I don't want them to get any bigger. I love them at their ages and am scared for life to change. (I don't want to get older either.) So girlies Brooklynn and McKenna (and even my boy Cam) remember all the fun things life brings and all these fun memories you have as a youngster. Live life everyday and enjoy it.

This is a blanket that a good friend made for McKenna. I loved the color and how it matched her hospital bow.

LOVE LOVE this picture. Mostly because it is so true. Daddy does adore his sweet McKenna.

Can you believe how tiny she is? What a little squirt.

Oh, I caught a gas smile. So I know babies mostly smile because of gas, but when I tickle her chin I can get a smile and Brooklynn use to smile when I would sing to her. So.... there!

My mom got her these cute jammies. I just love the little Cindy Lou Who nightgown.

They took a picture like this in the hospital, but I am not paying a ton of money to buy their pictures when I can take them myself. So, I think I did a pretty good job. I think it is precious. Holding her daddy's finger. You can really see how small she is by the size of his finger and her little hand.

Just another favorite showing her cute face. I love my girl. Although it has been a tough adjustment going to three kids, I wouldn't change a thing. I love my three kids and each of their different personalities. We are starting to get a schedule down. I guess it isn't so hard having three it is just that the other two are always wanting to touch and hold her. Cam has attempted to get her out of her carseat and Brooklynn even picked her up today. I just can't leave McKenna alone with them. Hopefully their excitement wears off and things will calm down. On a side note I went to the store today by myself with all three kids. It went great!


Amy said...

all I can say is so beautiful and precious!

the nayz said...

LOVE these pictures! What a beautiful baby. She fits so perfectly in your sweet family.

Greg and Heather said...

you did great on the pictures. she's so adorable and tiny. blake smiled at me early on too. i know that it wasn't gas. :)

Jenny said...

Congrats, Danielle!! She is sooo precious and beautiful! How exciting!