Monday, November 29, 2010

Last week

We have had quite the winter storms lately. Last week when "the big one" hit. (It was pretty bad, but only lasted a few hours. Ryan had to work and said he had never been so scared. He couldn't see more than a few feet in front of him.)We decided to have a pajama party and watch movies.

McKenna joined in on the fun!

The kids got their sleeping bags and got all snuggled to watch The Polar Express.

One of Brooklynn's favorite things is pajama parties and she loved it.

Cameron had fun, but didn't really stay laying down too long.

This is a picture I took towards the end of the storm. Not a great picture, it looked a lot worse in person.

Thanksgiving... I am so bad. I didn't take any pictures for Thanksgiving. This year we spent it with the Oldroyd's. So the night before we went to a movie with my family to see MegaMind. I got to see about half of it. Right away McKenna woke up and started crying. I had to rock her the whole time. Then about 10 minutes in Cameron decided he didn't want to watch, he wanted to play. So unfortunately Ryan walked around with him. But at least Brooklynn got to see it all and loved it.

The next day we had our dinner and dessert. The boys played video games and the kids ran around the house making messes. Of course the three daughters-in-law planned our Black Friday trip. Danielle, Nanci and I go every year together and have a blast. We planned our route and left at 11:30pm. We had a blast. My neice Katie went with us this year too. I was lucky to get everything I wanted.It was a great Thanksgiving.

Every year I do a different thing to write what we are thankful for. This year we made a hand turkey and wrote on the feathers. We have so many things to be thankful for here are some of them...
Ryan- My family, ability to run, good job!
Dani- Best hubby and kids, a good night sleep, the gospel!
Brooklynn- Best fmaily ever, Popcicles and gogurts, Scooby Doo glasses!
Cameron- My cozy Bobo, Cereal, Dinosaurs!
McKenna- Binky, food, swaddling blankets!

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Meghann said...

I think it's so cute you snuggled down for the storm and watch Polar Express!