Friday, November 13, 2009

64 years!

Last Saturday was my grandparents 64th Anniversary and this week is my grandpa's 90th birthday. On Halloween we went there and my grandpa was on the roof, cleaning out the rain gutters. He can be stubborn and takes joy in doing his own yard work. He told us that he can still do it, because he isn't 90 yet. But only a few days away now. So the Budd family had a big party to celebrate both. We were in St. George for part of it, we got home around 6:30 and the party was at 7pm. Cameron was exhausted and I knew he would not get back in the carseat. Ryan stayed home with him and Brooklynn and I went. (sidenote: Cam really needed his sleep. He slept 11 1/2 hours)

Whoo woo! My grandma is a babe and gramps is quite handsome. I am not going to say the whole story, but they met very young and fell in love. (g-ma 13 g-pa 18) Unfortunately Grandpa got drafted into WWII and their engagement was put on hold for one year. While he was in training Pearl Harbor was bombed and things changed.

Four years later my grandpa returned home and they were married 7 days later. They are truly in love and so cute to watch. What great examples to me of how to be and just love each other no matter what.

My grandma had asked me that she needed a nice picture of her and Grandpa. So last fall we went to the park and took some pictures. Aren't those two just so sweet? I love when they talk about the war years or their wedding. They just love each other so much. I love you guys.

What I wrote last year.


Ashley said...

Sarah, Rachel, and I were just talking about how they are such a great example of a loving relationship. Some people get so sarcastic and hardened about married life, but it is good to see that two people really can be deeply in love for so long.

Greg and Heather said...

what great pictures!