Monday, October 5, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday- All about me...

The theme for MTM was All about me. So when I talked to Brooklynn about what she wanted to do this is some of her favorite things. She had a cheese quesadilla shaped like Minnie Mouse. Her number one favorite character is Minnie Mouse. Fishy pretzels because she loves to swim. Her absolute favorite singer is Taylor Swift. She loves her songs, sings them and even pretends like she is her. One day her Grandparents were over for dinner and Brooklynn was Taylor Swift and Grandma Oldroyd was Kelly Pickler. She saw them sing together watching the CMT Awards and ever since always talks about them. So the applesauce has a music note for Taylor Swift. Her favorite color is pink so she had pink yogurt. And like me she loves Cinderella, so she had some candy in Cinderella's glass slipper.

She has been a pretty picky eater lately and she ate every last bite. Way to go Berkie!

We had this super cute book called What I Like about Me! We read it and she loved going back through and opening flaps and looking at all the pictures again. Brooklynn has a really good memory and remembered most of the story and read it to herself while she finished up her lunch. Brooklynn also loves to help mommy do anything and has loved cooking and baking lately.

Cameron participated in MTM lunch today and his favorite foods are bananas, fishy crackers, yogurt and Ritz crackers. YUM!!! He also LOVES spagetti and loves to see how much of a mess he can make. Which is why I didn't make him spagetti today.

He really can make a mess eating anything. Cameron also loves to dance, and cracks us up watching him. He loves to bug his sissy and get into everything. Cam loves balls and loves to hit his golf ball with his cute little baby clubs. His favorite toys right now is remote controls and he lost our clicker for over a week. We found it under his sisters bed.

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The Activity Mom said...

love the mickey mouse shaped quesidilla! Great tin!

Mama Said said...

Cute tin! The Minnie Mouse is adorable! Great idea with the slipper! We have some of those. Can't wait to try that. Interesting story about your brother. This may sound weird, but I think I recognize a couple of those pictures . . . I don't know why. It was a national news story, right?

Kittermans said...

Great Idea for MTM! Isn't it Cameron's birthday soon? It's so crazy that it's already been a year since he was born!