Monday, October 19, 2009

MTM- Circles

PhotobucketFor MTM there was no theme today. So we did circles. It was after we decided to make bagel pizza's. My pizza looked must yummier and had toppings and mozzerella cheese. She wanted yellow cheese. So Brooklynn had bagel pizza, grapes, cherrios, string cheese cut into circles and left over baseball cupcake (from Cam's birthday party).

PhotobucketAs you can tell it was a lazy day yesterday and Brooklynn was a little tired from the previous day's activities. But at least she enjoyed her lunch.

PhotobucketYUM! Save the best for last. They were quite yummy if I do say so myself. I made the frosting from the recipe that Sprinkles cupcakes uses.

P.S. Thanks to whoever left us some yummy pumpkin cookies yesterday.

To see more Tins go HERE.


The Activity Mom said...

yum! Looks good to me!

Rebecca said...

Very cute tin! And i love your header!

Susana said...

This is absolutely adorable and yummy too.

LOVE the bday post below this one too!

The Hillmans said...

Oh my goodness! Bagel pizza sounds so yummy! I've never tried that before. I'm a MTM slacker lately. I'll get back on track for next week.