Thursday, October 1, 2009

20 Years ago...

20 years ago this past Sunday was a very special day for my family. I know a lot of people reading this know the story already, but I couldn't pass up writing about it. September 22, 1989 my older brother Joshua Dennis was 10 years old and went missing in a mine. He got seperated from the other scouts and leaders and didn't have a light and couldn't find his way back out. Family, friends, Tooele police and Search and Rescue scoured the mountain and mine for 5 long days. Wednesday September 27th the last day of the search, the mine was to be closed and sealed to prevent this from happening again. John Skinner knew where to find Josh, he dreamt about it. After being turned away day after day, finally they let him have one last look. John along with two search and rescue workers went in for our final hope. Just over an hour Josh was brought out to the light safetly. To read the whole story that I wrote last year click HERE.

This was the first picture taken after bringing him out of the mine. That is my uncle RD who is with him.

Helping Josh adjust are some of the Search and Rescue. My mom still has the coat that Josh wore in the mine.

Josh in the hospital with the two Search and Rescue Ray Guyman and Gary Christensen. They were both the last ones in mine with John Skinner who found Josh.

This is a picture of Joshua in the hospital surrounded by ballons and gifts. This was not even half of what he received from family, friends and many strangers.

John Skinner pushing Josh out the the BYU field during a game.

This was the day Josh left the hospital and came home. His poor frostbitten feet.

I love this picture of myself, Terra and Jacob. This was a year after he was found, we were up at the mine celebrating.

This was on Sunday, we had a family dinner and surprised Josh. We watched the video slideshow that is always played at the many firesides that he speaks at. It was very emotional watching it and remembering this event. Although I was only 7 years old, I remember so much and it changed my life. My testimony and faith really became it's own at this time. As a young girl I had some other amazing experiences proving to me that with faith miracles do happen. Life is hard and has many challenges. I truly can attest that through the power of prayer anything is possible.

We had some left over balloons from a bridal shower that we let go. (we wished we had yellow balloons, but these would have to do.) As we explained it to Brooklynn and Caleb, we were sending these to say thank you to Heavenly Father and Jesus for protecting Josh and bringing him back to us.

Brooklynn is a very special little girl and so sensitive and spiritual. The whole day she really took in everything. When watching the video her eyes were all teary. She is such a little sweetheart and I hope that she always remembers this and knows that we can get through anything.

My siblings and me. I love my family. I found an article online about Josh's story. As I read it I found something that I had never heard before. At Thanksgiving, while Josh was still in the MTC, he wrote John Skinner a letter. "I've been pondering in my mind all day," said Josh, "the things that I'm thankful for, and the list never ends. I thought of you when I read this scripture in Mosiah 7:12, 'I am very thankful before God this day that I am yet alive, and am permitted to speak and I will endeavor to speak with boldness.' P.S.," Josh ended the letter, "I'm glad you know what it means to search."
Reading this really made me thinking about my family, and my life in general. Some times we will be rescued and sometimes we will be the rescuers. I know I need to be rescued more often than I like. We need to remember to be open, listen to the spirit so we will know our purpose at every moment. Joshie Washie, I love you and am so glad you are here and my big brother.


LindsayK said...

It's such an amazing story!!! Thanks for sharing this!

The Bliss Family said...

I remember reading this story last year, and I still enjoy it!

Meghann said...

I remember when this happened, my grandpa was a deputy sheriff for Tooele county and I think (I was pretty little) my Dad volunteered on the search. What an amazing thing! It helps me remember Gods love.

Meghann said...

My grandpa is Bruce Steadman. Are you from Tooele? I grew up in Erda just outside of Tooele.