Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fast as a speeding bullet...

{Sorry about the small pictures, for some reason my computer is acting up and I can't make them big.}

Ryan ran the St. George Marathon for his 4th time last week. It was his 4th marathon this year and 8th all together. We were so excited Ryan did this thing called the Grand Slam. You run 4 Utah races and you are automatically put into St. George. After each race Ogden, Utah Valley and Park City Ryan was still in first place for the Grand Slam. We couldn't wait to see what happened after that.

Brooklynn and I made some signs the night before we left to show our support for her Daddy. Brooklynn told me what to write on them. One said "Go Daddy We ♥ You." The second said "Run Daddy Run." and the last one that she wanted said "Win a Prize."

Brooklynn was so good at cheering Daddy on. She kept asking me if he was coming yet. I was nervous about getting two kids clothed, fed, out of the motel, parking and being there in time to see him finish all by myself. But I did it with 30 minutes to spare. Needless to say we got to see a lot of people finish.

Cameron got a lot of attention holding this sign. Everyone around us thought it was so cute. And he held on as if his life depended on it. In 30 minutes he only dropped it once. That's my boy!

Well he did it! He beat his own personal time. Qualified for Boston for the 8th time and he got 70th place out of over 6,000 people. Way to go RyRy!

Brooklynn is a big time Daddy's girl and when he finished she followed him around everywhere. It was so cute. She was so proud of her daddy.

There is a cute picture of my Ry. I am just so proud of him.

Cameron was such a good boy. We got to the race at 9am and hung out for a bit went back to the hotel at 11 so Ryan could shower and went back to the awards and were there until almost 2pm. Cameron didn't cry and get upset once.

Brooklynn also did so good. She wasn't feeling too good and had a pretty bad cough so while we were at the awards she just layed down. But she was so good in St. George that she even got to pick out a new necklace and Bracelet at the outlets.

Aside from getting in the top 1% of the marathon. Ryan also got 1st place in the Grand Slam. Now we can say all that hard work really paid off, all the hours of training and many miles he ran. Go Ryan!

There is my sassy girl. She kept pulling this face because I told her she was eating my candy apple. She is the female version of Jim Carrey. She makes hilarious faces. I love my little girl.

Cam's favorite part of the trip was laying on the bed and playing with the remote. He is such a boy. Also we discovered that Cameron can open the hotel door. Ryan was laying on the bed and Brooklynn and I went out to get ice. I shut the door tight so he would stay in. After we got ice he was in the hallway looking for us. The rest of the stay we kept chain locked on the door.

Last picture I promise. This is all of Ryan's medals and trophy's he has gotten this year.


Tiff said...

Way to go Ry!! That's awesome.

Hess Fam said...

that's so cool! way to go ryan!!

The Hillmans said...

Congratulations, Ryan! That's awesome!

Lindsay said...

Congrats to Ryan!!! That is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome man!! I wish i could have been right there with you. Maybe next year. Good Job!