Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wahoo for Ryan!

Prepare for lots of pictures...

This past weekend Ryan ran the Park City Marathon. We went to stay in a condo my mom's work owns and my mom came along. (That is where Cameron got his shiner.) So we came to the marathon at the time Ryan had told us, but there were so many runners finished. I was worried we missed him, but I found out that those were the 1/2 marathon finishers. So we went to the end to cheer for Ryan. Suddenly I heard someone say here the the 2nd place marathoner. I looked up to cheer and suddenly it was Ryan. I was so surprised I barely got a picture of him.

Cameron and my mom hanging out, while we were waiting for Ryan.

Here is Cameron running around trying to be like daddy. Yay for Daddy!

Brooklynn was trying to give thumbs up for her daddy, but she kinda looked like Elaine on Seinfield trying to dance.

Brooklynn was reaching for Ryan to congratulate him. We were all so happy for him.

Finally Brooklynn giving Ryan loves. It was very emotional. I have cried at every single marathon, it is such an accomplishment and I am always so proud of him. I can't believe that he got 2nd place over all. There were over 450 runners too. Way to go Ryan. He gets a trophy but doesn't get it until next week. Ry I love you and think you are amazing and am so proud of you and all your accomplishments.

Mommy and Cam swimming in the baby pool. Relaxing after a day of the marathon.Cameron had a blast.

Berkie loves the pool and is always so proud of herself that she can now do it by herself. Good job Berkie, we sure love you.

When my mom took this picture she said "Grandma watch!" Ryan put his arms out for her to swim to him and she said. "Dad, I can do it by myself." So silly.

We went shopping at the outlets and usually it is good for Ryan to walk around so his legs don't get too stiff. About half way through, Ryan couldn't really walk anymore. Brooklynn sure had fun and found these huge shoes at the Nike store.


Tiff said...

That's awesome! Way to go Ry.

Liz said...

Good job Ryan!!! What an accomplishment, and to get 2nd place. That is really awesome. I complain about 3 miles. :-)

Hess Fam said...

That is so awesome!!! Way to go Ryan!!

Kittermans said...

WOOOOOOW! 2nd place that is truly amazing. Congrats congrats congrats

Amy said...

way to go Ryan! what cute pictures

Jen said...

wow! Good Job Ryan!! that's awesome!!

Shannon said...

Wow that is so awesome! Congrats Ryan that is amazing!

Lisa D said...

I am always amazed how people can run marathons- that is awesome Ryan got 2nd!!

Jenny said...

That's awesome Ryan! I can barely do 3-4 miles let alone a marathon! 2nd place- not bad!