Friday, August 14, 2009

My big boy

Cameron had his 9 month appointment a few days ago. (We got in a little late). I can't believe that in almost 2 months he is going to be 1 year old. Time just flies too fast.

Height- 29.5 inches long (75-80%)

Weight- 20 pounds (25-30%)

Cameron is pretty tall and his weight has dropped a little from the charts. His doctor isn't real worried, it could be all his moving around. Also I keep getting cysts on one side and that has caused some feeding problems. Since I only have about 2 more months to nurse he should be fine. But his doc gave me the okay to once a day start giving him whole milk to supplement a little and get him use to it.

Cam's favorite things...

Baby food- peas or sweet potatoes

Regular food- kix cereal

Drink- milk straight from the tap

Treat- mini marshmellows cut up.

Toys- Cars (he loves making the noise) also he loves walking around with a golf club.

Naps- cute cuddly puppy, he loves to snuggle it.

Book- What are you talking about, he can't sit long enough for a book, but I like to read him Kiss Good Night.

Games- He thinks it is funny to stand in the bath and fall so all the water splashes, it freaks mommy out. When I say No, he just laughs at me. (I sure have a little stinker.) Also he likes hide and seek.

Activity to play with Sissy- Wrestling her

Words to say- Dadadada

Daddy's favorite thing- His smile and that he is always happy.

Mommy's favorite thing- Cam's big (I mean HUGE) smile and big hugs. (Best baby hugger I have ever seen).

Berkie's favorite thing-"Riding on his Bebra (zebra) with him and playing with his toys."
We love our sweet little boy and can't believe he is growing so fast. Every day he learns something new. Although some days are busy and hard, I love every moment with my kids and am very thankful for them both.

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Meghann said...

Darling post and a darling boy!