Monday, August 3, 2009

Lone Pine Cabin

About a week ago we went with my brother and his family to our cabin. It is shared with my mom's family and I love to go there. It was built when I was just a baby and I try to make it there at least once a year. We have so much fun. Ryan has great memories going there when we were just dating. My family initiated Ryan and my cousin's husband Shane into the family when we were just dating them. Before we got the septic tank, they got to bury the treasure. (I won't go into anymore details)

I brought paints up for Brooklynn and Caleb. They went and found some rocks and let their imaginations run wild. They had fun doing it.

After all that dirt, it was nice to see some beautiful flowers up there.

We went to a lake nearby to fish. Unfortunately after about 10 minutes it started to rain. We would have tried to stick it out, but with a 9 month old and a 6 month old, we decided to go back to the cabin.

The kids loved helping with the fire. We were so excited to make s'mores and guess who left the chocolate in the small cooler at home. (It was me.) We realized it was too little and didn't transfer the things over. I put them in there the day before so I wouldn't forget to pack them. OOPS!

One of my favorite parts was watching the humming birds. We would sometimes get 5 at a time, but of course never had the camera ready. It was really cool.

Cameron had fun and he was a busy boy. So many new things to explore. Mommy had a fun time chasing after him and trying to baby proof the place. I love my cute boy, he sure helps me get in my dailey exercise.

Brooklynn loved the cabin and had a blast. She remembers a lot from last year and was wondering where the lizard went and the cabin dog. (My cousin brought her dog last year.) Brooklynn is standing in front of my tree that I planted when I was probably about her age. Don't you love her dirty feet? I had to get a picture, she didn't even care. This is the girl that at least 3 times a day cleans out her toes.

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Jeff and Nanci said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I love having places like that to go to and make memories.