Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crash and Tumbler

When Cameron was wearing his helmet Ryan's dad nicknamed him Crash. I thought it wouldn't last long because he only had to wear it for a few months. I was wrong, Cameron gets a new bruise and bump and scrape at least once a day. At church last Sunday he was trying to run and tripped and skidded on the rough carpet and scraped his nose up. OUCH! Just in this picture is 5 ouchies. Also today he just got a huge bruise on his forehead (not pictured). I guess that is what will happen when he tries to climb on everything. He can even climb up the slide in our back yard. I have a feeling there will be a few trips to the ER with this kid.

This is what happens when my boy is left alone with his very girly princessy sister. Cute huh?

We noticed that Brooklynn walked a little funny when she was only 1-1/2 years old, but thought it was just because she was learning to walk. We took our concerns a few times to her doctor and her hips seemed fine and he just told us to watch it. She always wanted us to hold her and would complain that her legs were tired. We just thought she was being lazy at first, but I noticed it getting worse and she was starting to even complain about pain. Brooklynn is 3 1/2 and cannot walk down stairs with out holding a hand or a railing. If she doesn't hold on her left legs buckles underneath her. Her doctor referred us to a physical therapist to look and see. She went for the first time this week and we found a few little things. First her left leg doesn't rotate to the left all the way like it should. Also her left foot is pronating and both legs the muscles are very tight, especially the hamstring. They think that because Brooklynn is pretty tall her bones are growing but her muscles haven't caught up yet. (I guess that can be common.)

They started Brooklynn on some exercises 2x a day and then we are going to physical therapy once a week for a few weeks to see how it is. After that they will assess it again and see what we will do from there. She loves her exercises and likes to add a little ballet in there too. I do everything with her so we have a lot of fun. Hopefully it will get better and she will feel better and have no problems.

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Bailey Gayle said...

your kids are so cute

tell them i love them.

love BAILEY.