Monday, June 29, 2009

What we've been up to...

Here are a few updates...

Last week we made cupcakes. Yummy!

So I decided for her muffin tin lunch we would read the story If You Give a Cat a Cupcake. I love these books they are darling.

Brooklynn loved her lunch and of course the cupcakes.

Friday night Ryan had to work so we got in jammies and watched the movie Land before Time. Brooklynn loved it and it was so cute to see all her expressions during the movie. My favorite was when Cera (three horn) was mad at the other dinosaurs so she went to sleep alone. At night it got cold, so She went and cuddled them. Brooklynn smiled and said "Oh, they love each other." It was so cute. I love that movie.

A few days ago I was at my mom's and thought I would put Cameron in a swing. He loved it and kept laughing. Just look at that cute face.

Do you think she is a little big for the baby swing now???

Today for Muffin Tin monday I had no ideas, I couldn't even think of a book. So we just did Orange lunch. Cheese Sandwich, celery with cheese, popcorn, Fish crackers and granola and I died her yogurt orange. YUM!

I have no idea why she always has her mouth open. Silly girl.

Cameron had orange lunch too! He had some fishy crackers and squash! YUM YUM!

After lunch we went outside and went on a little walk down the street to talk to our friends. They weren't home but it was fun anyways.

Cameron walked every other house. Then I would carry him and then he would walk again. We walked down the street and came back so it was probably like 12-14 house lengths. Brooklynn rode her scooter the whole way too. Usually she makes us carry it. Good job kids!

What a big boy! He loves his little bike/walker.


LindsayK said...

Your kids are so dang cute! And my boys loved the cupcakes, by the way. Thanks so much!

Hess Fam said...

hey Dani I added a link for te tutorial on those baby legs! Have fun let me know if you have questions

Jeff and Nanci said...

You're such a good mommy. Always doing fun things with your kids. I love the picture of Cameron in the swing. He's adorable. Gracie loves the swings. She would sit in them all day if I let her.