Monday, June 8, 2009

Chase's Birthday

First we went to the zoo in the morning. Cameron had a lot of fun this time.

We got to go to see the Madagascar animals, there weren't as many as we thought there would be, but it was still cool.

We saw the bird show this time for the first time all year.

It was fun spending time at the zoo with Chase.

At the party we played at the park. I didn't even get picture of him opening gifts or of Chase, I was trying to get a picture of each kid playing but Chase wasn't ever over with the kids at the swings. Oops! But they all had a really fun time.

Carsonis so cute,and a very sweet boy.

Jordan is so funny this is the Jordan that Brooklynn says she wants to marry. So funny.

My neice Gracie, she is such a doll.

Cute little Ryken. He is so funny.

My cute Cameron. You would think that I told him to pose this way, looking off into the distance.

My nephew Tyler, just a stinker but so cute.

Brooklynn was mad cause she just slipped and fell in the rain, because she was running and I wasn't going to carry her.

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