Friday, November 7, 2008

I missed my little girl

Last weekend my mom offered to take Brooklynn to Lagoon with her and have her sleep over and then I could just stay home with Brooklynn. I said yes, but was nervous because in almost 3 years Brooklynn has only been away from me over night two times. Once when she was 2 weeks old and I had to get surgery she slept at Susan's. and the other time while I was in the hospital with Cameron. So Ryan and I took Brooklynn to my mom's house and I was okay and got all her stuff and kissed her good bye. We were about halfway home and I started crying. Ryan said we could turn back but I knew that I couldn't. I have to let her go.

Brooklynn had a great time with her cousin Caleb and her grandma Bean, uncle Josh and two aunts Johana and Terra.

That night I called and talked to her and she was having a blast, I missed her so much.

Around bedtime I called her again and she had been asking about us. Once she found out she got to sleepover there she was excited and wasn't worried about us anymore. I did cry again after I talked to her, it was weird not putting her to bed.

The next day I was able to get things done and just spend time with Cameron. It was nice but I was ready to get Brooklynn back. When I got to my mom's Brooklynn saw me and her face lit up. She ran and hugged me for a long time. And then came the waterworks AGAIN! She woke up about 6am crying for me but they were able to get her back to sleep. I know Brooklynn had a lot of fun, it was nice for her to spend the day with her grandma but I don't know if I will be ready for another sleepover for awhile. Ya never know, maybe the more I do it the easier it will get. I just love my sweet little girl.


meg said...

Oh Dani I totally understand. Funny, some days you think you wouldn't mind a break but as soon as you get one you feel like part of you is missing. I am glad she had fun though. You are such a cute mom!

Ally said...

It gets better....Someday soon you will wish that someone will take your kids over night and you won't be able to find someone!!! J/K. It does get better.

Jeff and Nanci said...

How sad! I bet you missed her tons. It's so hard to leave Gracie! I hate it! I've gotten a little better, but I still hate it. Susan and my mom are the only two I really feel okay about leaving her with. Not that I don't think she would be taken care of, or that something would happen, I just miss her and want to be the one taking care of her. I work with so many people who put their kids in daycare while they work, and if it came down to that, I would totally quit. We would find some way for me not to have to work. I couldn't let someone else raise my kid. Anyway I totally know how you feel. You're lucky you've only had to do it a few times in 3 years.