Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy (late) Halloween

Halloween was so much fun. My mom took the day off so she could come and spend some time with us. She brought Caleb, Johana and Terra with her and bought the two kiddos square pumpkins from Artic Circle. We then went and took some pictures of the kids in their costumes. We were going to go somewhere (like a park or something) but it was too windy and I didn't want to take Cameron out. So we borrowed my neighbors front yard. and then just did a couple inside.
Berkie as Minnie Mouse holding Cameron in his Tigger costume. (Thanks Grandma Oldroyd for making the Minnie Mouse skirt and Grandma Ann for the cute Tigger costume.)

The three Dennis grandkids. Soon with Josh and Johana's new one in January there will be 4. I love Brooklynn's expression. Caleb sure makes a cute doctor.

There is my cute girl Brooklynn.

Caleb and Brooklynn, they sure look cute. It's too bad they aren't always this nice to each other. They usually fight over Grandma Bean's attention.

Here is Miley Cyris and Minnie Mouse

Katie is vintage woman, Alex is Miss America and Kassie is an island princess.

Grandma Oldroyd holding our little Tigger.

Here is my nephew Brady as a football player, Bailey is a bride and Gracie is a kitty.

Here is my neice Abbie as Miley Cyris (with out her wig), Jer's wife Kellie as Hannah Montana and My neice Katelin is a vintage lady.

We had a great Halloween, Brooklynn likes Trick or Treating and did really good. Went almost the whole way with out getting in the wagon. Next year I will try to dress up. I was going to dress up as a Baker with a bun in the oven but that didn't happen and I didn't think of anything else to dress as.


Tiff said...

Everyone looked so cute. I didn't even realize that Susan was holding Cameron. I wish I would have taken the chance to hold him, I will be coming to your house soon.

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

Oh Man! Halloween was great I'm glad you guys came to Ann's it was fun to see all the little kids dressed up! Go Hannah!

Jenny said...

I'm so happy for you and ryan and your sweet little new baby. He is really cute, you deserve it so much. I am so glad you where able to get him here. Good job!!

The Bliss Family said...

Cameron looks so cute as a little tiger! Brooklynn makes a very cute Minnie mouse too!

Jenny said...

Cute kiddies! They're adorable!! Happy Halloween, a little late! It was fun wasn't it? Looks like you guys had fun too! Love ya, Jen

meg said...

Cute costumes! Your kids are simply too cute!

Greg and Heather said...

Cute costumes! Looks like you had fun. I still haven't been over to see Cameron. He looks adorable!