Thursday, November 20, 2008

Disney on Ice

My mom had 3 days to take off for after I had the baby. My mom decided that she would use a couple of those days and take Brooklynn and do something fun with her so I can get things done and spend a little time with Cameron. Last Friday my mom took Brooklynn and my sister-in-law Johana and nephew Caleb to Disney on Ice. (I got some Christmas shopping done and cleaning, it really helped. Thanks Mom.)

Brooklynn loved it and was amazed at everything she saw. They said she did get scared at one part with sharks but other than that she had a blast.

She came home and told me all about it. She told me about all the princess' she saw and Mickey and Minnie (her favorite). The funniest thing was when she was telling me about all the characters she said... "And I saw Pinochio, he's a real boy."

Brooklynn keeps asking me when she can go see Mickey's house now at Mickey Park. (She saw a commercial of Disneyland) Well we are hoping next year sometime.


Jen said...

we were there too! Malia loved it too...but she was disappointed that there weren't more princesses!

The Parks said...

I have never been to Disney on Ice, so I am so excited to go when Carson is a little older. I am glad you had fun!