Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. First of all I am thankful for a lot of things: my home, church/gospel, our health, cars that work, a home, each other, two perfect kids, (I have to agree with Amy) things like dishwasher, washer and dryer, makeup but especially are thankful for our family. Ryan and I are so lucky to have great family on both sides that help us out a lot. We have wonderful parents and great siblings.Care about us and we always have a lot of fun with them.

In this picture Brooklynn and Caleb wouldn't stay in the picture. We may crop them in or just take a new picture next year. Especially since Cameron joined us and soon Josh and Johana's baby Zachary will be here too.

Here is a picture of the 3 grandkids on the Dennis side.

Here is an Oldroyd family picture. This was taken last year. Lots of kids in the picture there is 12 of the 14. We are just missing Jeff's Angel Archie and Cameron.

I am also very thankful for Ryan. He is the best husband ever. He is so sweet to me and the kids and works very hard for me to be able to stay home with them. I can't believe that we have been married 7 1/2 years. That is a long time (Ryan always jokes that's all it's been? Feels like forever.) But really it has been a great 7 years and keeps getting better.

Brooklynn and I talked about things that she is thankful for and she is very thankful for her baby, mommy and daddy, her room, her toys, her friends (that includes cousins- they are also her friends), her polly's, yummy food and the temple. (Side note: Brooklynn has a very strong testimony of the temple. When she watches princess movies she always shows me the temple (castle) and talks about how Cinderella and her prince go to the temple. Also she has lego's and loves building temples. Her favorite thing when we are driving is seeing churces and temples and tells me that it is Jesus' house.)

Our thanksgiving had an interesting start but was still great. Let me explain...
So Ryan had to work the night before, usually Cameron only wakes up one time between 11pm and 6am but decided to wake up 3 times. Brooklynn started coughing the night before and came in bed with me and was up a lot of the night. So we got up around 7am and started getting ready for the day, eating, etc. I also had to make Yams for our dinner. It wasn't going too bad but Brooklynn's cough was hardly there but you know two year olds, they need a lot of attention. Not to mention feeding Cameron too. So I cooked the yams and had to hurry and finish getting myself ready. We were cutting it really close. I got out of the house around 10:30 to go see a movie with my family. We saw Madagascar 2, it was really cute. Both kids were great in the movie but about 20 minutes left of the movie Brooklynn started coughing really bad. (I know I shouldn't have taken her but she was acting better. She hardly coughed at all in the morning.) So I wasn't sitting in my seat I was walking with Cameron, all of the sudden my mom brought her down to me and she was covered with throw up. I mean totally drenched. My mom took Cameron and I went to the bathroom and realized that she couldn't wear her clothes. So she was just in her tank top and panties and we went back in the theatre and luckily I did have an extra pair of pants in the diaper bag. I felt so bad for Berkie Poor thing. So we left and I didn't know what to do about dinner. I called Ryan's mom, my mom and Ryan and we decided that my mom would take her home to try to get her to nap and see if she was feeling better. She fell asleep in my mom's car but right when they got home started coughing again and threw up in her car. But was fine, as long as she didn't cough. So she just played at my mom's while my mom washed her clothes. In the mean time; we were getting ready to leave to Ryan's mom's and I was changing Cameron's diaper and he pee'd all over his clothes. So of course I had to change his clothes. We were ready to go and got in the car. Ryan was driving and I was holding the two hot pans on my lap. I had heating pads and towels to keep the heat off me but suddenly it was REALLY hot. The yams (sauce) spilled on my pants and the seat. I was just like "Oh my gosh, what a day" Well we had a great dinner and Brooklynn joined us a little later. She was still coughing but felt fine. She did throw up again cause she gags when she can't stop coughing. I am just glad we have family that helps us and loves us even though things don't always go as planned. We had a fun night playing games and visiting. This was a good lesson for me to really know that life can be hard but there is still a lot to be thankful for.

Long blog... Well I will get to my shopping later. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well.

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The Hillmans said...

Poor Brooklynn! I hope she gets feeling better soon and that you're recovered from your bad day!