Friday, October 10, 2008

I love the fall

Fall is my favorite season. I know, Ryan always tells me he doesn't like it cause it is cold, rainy and everything dies. BUT... I love the crisp breeze and the smell in the air. Walking on crisp leaves (sorry Jeff I know you can't stand the sound of crunching leaves), sipping hot chocolate, cuddling in a blanket watching movies and listening to the rain. And that just means the holidays are coming... I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And it does help that I was born in fall so I grew up always having fun Halloween parties. I just can't wait to get to these holidays and spend time with family. Let loose on Halloween, talk about all I am grateful for, buy people presents and remembering our Savior. That is why I love fall, it just means all these wonderful things are coming.

Well yesterday I went and took a few pictures of my neices and nephew.

Alex looks so old, I can't even believe it. She looks so pretty.

Kassie is a little cheeser. Always smiling big and posing for the camera. Such a doll.

I can't believe how big Connor is getting. What a fun boy.

Savannah is silly and doesn't sit still for a second. This was about all we could get of her. But still very cute!

Of course Brooklynn as well.


Alisha said...

Ok, leaves crunching under my feet is on my top 10 list of favorite things. I've never told anyone because I thought I was weird. I used to go out of my way to step on leaves & get such a thrill when they crunched. I try to do that down here in Texas but the humidity just makes them soggy. I'm disappointed every single time. I miss fall in Utah!

Abigailina said...

I totally agree. My Mom was born in fall so that's her favotite season too... you know how you get that christmasy smell in the air around the middle of fall? I just love that it makes me feel all cozy inside. And I like the darker colors that seem more appropriate to wear in winter and fall. I could list about 100 things that I love about fall but I don't want to make my comment too long... oops too late! (lol)

The Bliss Family said...

My list of reason I love fall would look a lot like yours! Great pictures!

Steve and Roxy said...

I love fall too! Everything about it!!! Too bad it doesn't last very long in Utah.... Hey when are you due again? Coming up soon isnt it? Congrats!