Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Tag

I have been tagged before but this is the first time I have done one. Thanks Courtney for the Fall tag...

8 favorite TV shows
1. The Amazing Race
2. Friends
3. How I met your mother
4. Big Bang Theory
5. The Office
6. Ghost Whisperer
7. Survivor
8. 90210

8 favorite restaurants/food establishment (not in any particular order)
1. El Chihuahua (Ryan and my first date)
2. Chili's
3. Mexican restaurant in Cedar City (when I lived there everytime Ryan would visit me we would eat there.) they have yummy tortilla chips
4. Lion House Pantry
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. Papa John's Pizza
7. Ab's- they have the best fries and fry sauce
8. Brooklynn loves McDonald's- I love getting her the Madam Alexander dolls there

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Went to bed after 2:30am (end of pregnancy is getting harder to sleep, especially when in pain.)
2. Woke up and ate breakfast
3. Took Brooklynn with my mom to see Igor
4. Went to Kohls
5. Did not want to make dinner so got a pizza
6. Sent Ryan off to work
7. Played Candyland and Polly's with Brooklynn
8. Talked to Ryan's mom for an hour and a half

8 things to look forward to1. The birth of our new baby (also very scared)
2. Baby boys first christmas and watching Brooklynn open gifts, now that she is starting to understand
3. Halloween-Berkie will be such a cute Minnie Mouse & Berkie tells me I will be a big pumpkin
4. Getting my vacuum back from getting fixed
5. Fall- love crunching leaves
6. Brooklynn waking me up every morning saying something funny.
7. Our trip to Disneyland
8. Twilight Movie

8 things I love about fall
1. The smell of fall
2. The leaves
3. The Crisp Air
4. The Food. Soup. Pie. Hot Chocolate.
5. It leads up to the best Holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
6. cuddling in a blanket watching great movies.
7. New season of TV shows.
8. The Clothes...I love getting our all my sweaters

8 things on my wishlist1. A healthy baby boy
2. Brooklynn to have a healthy winter and not get sick 5 times in 4 months like last year.
3. My family and extended family to always love one another and be happy
4. A new car so Ryan can finally have something nice and reliable.
5. A nice vacation
6. New clothes
7. New flooring- carpet, tile, wood floor... I Don't care. Just something not nasty
8. (Brooklynn's wish list)- My little pony, a real water baby, a new doll house, the swimming puppy and her baby brother. (everything but her brother she sees on commercials and tells me she wants.)

I just "tagged" I tag... Danielle, Alisha, Kacy & Heidi.


Allyson said...

WOW! I can't believe you only have 22 days to go until your baby is due! I love your Halloween look.

Mike and Chelsey said...

Hey, How are you feeling??? Do you think its going to be soon?