Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The best day ever

I just want to share some things about my day yesterday. It was my 27th birthday and of course when you get older birthdays aren't as exciting. It makes me think about my Grandpa Budd's 22nd birthday in 1941 he had been drafted in WWII and was far from his family and fiance.
On the day that he was given life he was learning how to end one's life. It was a horrible day that he will never forget. I never want a birthday like that. When I woke up I didn't even remember it was my birthday and didn't think 'Wahoo, it's my birthday' All I was thinking was 'It is cold and I don't want to get up to feed Cameron.' But I did. So about an hour later Brooklynn came out in the living room and only a couple minutes after that so did Ryan. They both told me Happy Birthday. I couldn't say anything and was trying to hide my face, but Ryan noticed that I was crying. Of course Ryan was worried something was wrong. I told him that I was happy. (Guys don't understand that you can cry when you are happy, Ryan should be use to my tears though.) He trusted me and left it at that. So what was going through my head? Well, when they told me happy birthday I realized how different this birthday was. Normally I get so excited and it is my day. This year all I wanted this year for my birthday was a healthy baby. (I wanted a Halloween baby) Well I got him and I was just thinking that although my life isn't perfect, it was just as I wanted it. I have my sweet, silly little girl and a cute new baby boy. Not to mention the best husband ever. Right now I wouldn't change my life for anything and it just made me so happy that I started crying. All day I was very emotional, I cried again on the way to the grocery store just thinking about my little family we have.

Brooklynn was so excited when I got home she said "I have a present and she ran to get it. She picked out this Goofy and the two chipmunks all by herself. Right after she gave it to me she said. "Will you open this for me now?" It was cute and very sweet, of course I cried.

This is what Ryan got me and the waterworks came again. I am just so thankful for my little family we have. Both Brooklynn and Cameron came to us in very different ways but they are both so special to me. And after 8 1/2 years together I love Ryan more every day. He works so hard to take care of us.

Ryan asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I really just wanted to be together as a family. Ryan got us dinner from Applebees and then we made caramel apples.

Brooklynn helped make the caramel.

Decorating them was fun. Brooklynn had a blast with it.

Mine is the smiley one, Brooklynn's is the crazy one and Ryan left his plain. They were very yummy!

What a wonderful day I had being with my family. We have gone through a lot in the last 8 years with medical things and infertility but at this moment I wish I could slow time down and take it all in. I am just so thankful for everything/everyone in my life.
Also I have to mention that my family gave me a nice celebration on Sunday with some really cute gifts and fun games.Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I had a wonderful day.


Ally said...

Oh crap! I forgot! I knew I would! I even made a mental note to myself to remember it this year and of course that didn't work...I have a terrible memory. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LATE! I still think your birthday should be on Halloween. I'd remember it then...can your birthday be on Halloween just for me? I'll tell you Happy Birthday on Friday when I see you, how's that? Love you, Allyson

Alisha said...

Happy Birthday! My 26th birthday was exactly 2 weeks after my babies were born & you're right, it was a totally different birthday. What an awesome day you had!

Lace said...

Oh Dani! I am so happy for you. You have everything you ever wanted. You are such a great mom, wife and friend. We need to hang out more.

Erin Stones said...

Happy late birthday! Your family is so adorable. I am so happy to know that you are so happy! Isn't it great to have such wonderful kids and husbands! I totally understand all the water works- I am the same way. Jake's birthday was the 28th and we just had fun with the family too. It was really nice!

Jenny said...

Ah!!!! That is such a sweet post!!! Thanks for sharing that joy!!! I'm truly happy for you and your family! You deserve every happiness in the world! Happy birthday, a little late! Love ya, Jen

meg said...

Hey sounds like you had a great birthday! I love the caramel apple idea. I might have to call you for a good caramel recipe. You guys are so fun! Happy Birthday (late)