Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trip to St. George

Last week we took a trip down to St. George to stay in Ryan's parents time share. We had a lot of fun. There was this little river water area that is in downtown St. George and Berkie loved it.

Ryan enjoyed himself also in the fountain.

Brooklynn wasn't too sure about the fountain. She had fun, but she preferred the river.

Ryan and Ron had a flip flop race down the river. Ryan won twice I think but then they asked me to join in on the race. My flip flops won them by a mile.

Here is a picture of us 3 (and baby) at the river place.

Last year Brooklynn really liked swimming but this year we haven't had a chance to go as much. She was scared to death. She absolutely was terrified of the life jacket and wasn't too sure how safe the floatie was. We tried them separate and together it didn't go so well.

She liked the noodle but knew that it wasn't as secure. By the 3rd day she realized that she loved the life jacket. She could swim around the whole pool with no problem or help from us.

Day 5 she was done with the life jacket and was practicing swimming with out it. She loved it.

While we were down there Susan was going to decorate aunt Chris' grave for fall. Susan's sister Barb had a bunch of decorations for Susan but she forgot to get them. She asked me to help her decorate it with her. So we took a trip to Michaels and went crazy. (WARNING: Don't ever take me to a craft store.)

So I thought it would be really cute to make these balls of flowers. (that was before we realized how many flowers we would need and how much it would cost) Well I helped make the flowers but couldn't stay to decorate the grave. I think it turned out really cute. Susan did a great job.

Overall we had a great trip and were glad we got to go and spend time with Ryan's parents.


Kacy said...

Okay look at your super cute prego belly. I am so excited to see you being pregnant that I can't even stand it. LOL

BrittneyandDoug said...

You do look great prego and your hair is so long! I quit Nelson right after I had my little boy Adler, so a little over 2 yrs ago then I became a stay at home mom for now. How about you, I saw that you quit Stampin up, how is everything else?

Donnelson Clan said...

Yep, I have a blog! I have been stalking yours for awhile now!