Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pajama Storytime

Thursday night we went to Pajama Storytime. Brooklynn always loves going and listening to the story and then they do an activity. This week there was a special guest. They read the Cat in the Hat and he was the special visitor. Caleb really liked him and thought he was funny.

Brooklynn was really scared. She started to warm up during the story. and even would lean over and tell Caleb "It's ok Caleb, he's nice." But then after the story when they let everyone go and hug Cat in the hat Brooklynn wanted no part of it. Then he left and Brooklynn was fine and couldn't stop talking about the Cat. What a silly girl. I am afraid Halloween will be a little scary for her.


Tiff said...

How cute. I had no idea they did that.
Have you guys decided on a name for baby O?

Jamie said...

She is at the wonderful age..she is understanding "scary" or things she is unsure about. Ayden was unsure about halloween last yr, but when we went to a few parties and showed her things were 'pretend' she did a little better!

Erin Stones said...

Liberty is the same way. I am hoping things will go a little better with Santa this Christmas- but really who knows! Where was this at? Looks like a lot of fun!