Monday, September 8, 2008

Combined Baby Shower/Family Party

Well my cousin Matt and his wife Ashley are expecting a baby boy. My cousin Rachel and her mom Teresa have ALWAYS been so supportive through out Brooklynn's adoption, court and sealing and done so much for me. They were so excited when they found out I was acctually pregnant and that I have made it this far with no problems. They told me that they wanted to give me a shower. Of course I told them that I didn't need one and this is my second child and I had one for Brooklynn etc. But they insisted I be part of the shower. So we had a combined baby shower and family party. We had a lot of fun and I appreciate all they did for us.

YAY! I got a basinet/play yard from my mom and brothers and sister. We had to borrow one from Allyson when Brooklynn was born cause we didn't really have time to go buy everything. Everyone was very nice bringing us a gift for our little baby.

Ryan and I got Brooklynn a gift. She got a shirt that says "I love being a big sister" a book called "The new Baby" and a littlest Pet shop Toy. She was excited to get her own gift.

Both Ashley and I opening gifts.

Matt and Ashley got a really awesome hiking backpack to tote their little baby around in, from Matt's parents and Rachel, Shane, Sara and Eric. They are big time outdoors people and will use it a lot. They were really excited.

Jim, Teresa, Shane, Rachel, Eric and Sara got us this cute laundary basket and when I opened it there was a line of a ton of clothes. It was so nice and very creative.

After the eating and shower we went swimming and they had beach volleyball and some of the guys played ultimate frisbee. We had a good time at the shower/family party. I really appreciate how kind everyone was to us. Thanks so much!


Tiff said...

I'm happy for you that you received some boy stuff. Brooklynn will be such an awesome big sister.

Jamie said...

How fun! It's nice to let people buy you stuff, isn't it? Brooklyn will be a big help! Hope your felling ok:)

Erin Stones said...

Even though you have had one baby this one is a whole new story becuase it is a boy! I totally think that it is okay to have a shower when you are having the opposite sex. Clothes are just so expensive when you think about starting from scratch! I still couldn't be happier for you! congrats again- you are almost there! I hope the delivery goes as well as the pregnancy has!

Ashley & Matt Budd said...

It was a lot of fun, wasn't it! I'm glad we had a combined shower/family party.