Monday, September 29, 2008

Mouse Paint

This week for Muffin Tin Monday we read Mouse Paint. So her lunch was different colors. She had red Spagetti O's, (or Baby Spagetti, she calls it.) yellow corn, green apple sauce, blue jello, white milk and an orange and pink starburst.
Brooklynn love Muffin Tin Monday and eats her lunch all up.
On Wednesday we won't be home so we did her art project today instead and painted. Berkie loves to paint and was very excited.

She gets very serious with her art work. (Note the tongue sticking out of her mouth). Sometimes she will even color for 2 or 3 hours. I bet she would paint all day if I let her.

Here is her finished product. She first drew an owl then it changed into a snake on a Puma's head, it ended up being Minnie Mouse.


meg said...

That is such a cute idea! I love the tongue sticking out, very serious stuff. I may have to steal such a great idea!!

John & Britta said...

When Katie is old enough I want to do muffin tin Mondays. What a great idea!

The Bliss Family said...

You do so much fun stuff with Brooklynn! I wish I was better at doing things like that with my kids. Perhaps I'll have to steal a few ideas from you and Heidi!

Ally said...

She gets the intent tongue sticking out from her daddy...he used to do it all the time! Ally