Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pregnancy Update

22 weeks & 4 days... I went to the doctor on Thursday, since I found out I was pregnant I have gained 12 pounds total. Just in the last month I gained 5 of those pounds. WOW! Well I am measuring about 2 weeks bigger and that doctor said that he feels like a 2 pounder already, that is big. I hope he just had a growth spurt cause if he keeps growing like that he is going to be huge. My heart rate wasn't 160 again, it was in the 90's, good thing. Luckily I don't get as many headaches that keep me up all night. I have been woken up, & through out the day by getting really dizzy/fainty and had really restless legs though. Our doctor said that sometimes the baby and the uterus take most of the blood and it doesn't leave much for you. (Well we know he's doing good, he's a big healthy boy) So I have to double my water intake and that should help with the blood flow. Ryan will not like that, more bathroom trips than I already take. It does not sound fun this weekend either staying at our cabin, with an outhouse. YIKES! I will have to tell you how that goes. So everything looks good, still no names though. We are working on it.


Alisha said...

So fun to hear about your pregnancy! If he really is 2 lbs, he's not much smaller than my 2! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well... that stinks. Hope things get better! Gotta love those potty trips! When I was on an IV last week is was SO bad... I was up every 45 min at nights getting rid of all the extra fluid after my kidney stones passed! No wonder I was so exhausted! Good luck and have fun at the cabin!

Jamilyn said...

DANI!!!! I haven't heard from you since you were my young women's advisor! Remember those good ol' days? And I heard from Susan last sunday that you're having a new baby!!! That is SO exciting! Congrats!! I miss your sweet face and I still haven't even met little Brooklyn. It's good to get an update, even if it is just a blog.

Jamie said...

Hang in there! I also had the joy of getting migraines while pg with Addi. So hang in there, it will get better!
Gotta love the potty breaks, it's even better when you are 8-9 months along!(not):)
Glad Baby Boy is growing SO good!