Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy (Late) Birthday Mama Oldroyd

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday. Well I already wrote a lot about her on Mother's day but we wanted to say Happy Birthday, and how much we appreciate her and all she does for us. She is always willing to help babysit and do what is needed. We all love her and hope she knows we appreciate everything.

Ryan bought this old cruiser bike like 5 years ago and fixed it up. When we lived with his parents Ryan's mom loved this bike and really liked to ride it. When we moved she was sad and wished we would leave the bike.

Well now that Ryan has 6 bikes he realized that he really didn't need it anymore. So with his brothers and sisters everyone pitched in and Ryan fixed the bike up nice. (Made a couple mechanical changes and to look prettier) and decided to give it to his mom for her birthday.

I think she really liked it, we might add a bell or basket or something.

Hope you had a very happy birthday. We love you!


grandmao said...

I love the bike! It is so cute! Thank you to you all again for the awesome gift! And thank you Ryan for all your hard work fixing it up! You are so talented! I love you all and am so proud of each one of you. I have the best kids and kids-in-law and grandkids, that's for sure!

Michelle said...

I love that bike! I totally want it. I have actually been looking for a cool bike like that.

Jamie said...

That is such a cool bike. We saw her riding it last night:) she looked good riding it!

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

Ry, Mad props on the bike. You can work wonders!