Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brooklynn's hair

Brooklynn was born with black curly hair and very olive skin.

When she started to rub it all off it came in a lot lighter and straight. Oh no, her beautiful curls. Her skin got very light and fair.

Her curls came back and her hair got dark again. Her skin is still very fair. She is so lucky to have such beautiful hair, she probably won't always think so but I love it.

Last week she got her hair cut and I straightened her hair and thought she looked so different. She looks like a little girl now, she's not my baby anymore. About 20 minutes after this picture her curls came back.


Bethany said...

Wow, she looks so big and grown up! Adorable

Jamie said...

She is so cute. I love her hair!!

Ally said...

She'll hate it as she gets older. Alex wishes her hair was straight. When Alex sweats her hair goes super curly around her face and she really hates it! I wish I had curly hair though!

Jen said...

that's just how Malia is too...i can straighten it and everything, but within minutes after, her hair is curly again. Especially if it gets wet at all. I wish I had curls like that!

Alisha said...

I remember the curly dark hair & olive skin. I would never have guessed she'd be so fair! She is adorable & always has been!!