Thursday, July 17, 2008

Binkybunny (one word)

So here I am again, the middle of the night, longing to fall asleep. It's been about a month of this so far and I try so many things: reading, watching tv, laying in bed in silence, sleeping pills do not work either... nothing has helped. So tonight I am thinking I wish I could sleep like Brooklynn, she is such a great sleeper.

Here is a background. At 4 months Berkie started sleeping through the night, after that she didn't wake up once until she was about 10 months old and got sick. After the illness left she was sleeping like... well like a baby. At 2 1/2 she's had some troubled nights here and there but still sleeps a good 9 hours. How does she do it you ask.... This is how it began. (Aside from a few tricks that I got from a video that Grandma Ann let me borrow.)
When we got back from getting Brooklynn, my little sis Terra welcomed her new neice to two big baskets full of gifts. Included in one of the baskets was a cute, pink, fluffy bunny. It was so cute and nice of Terra. I decide to keep this cute bunny in the end of Brooklynn's bed.
At first we noticed Brooklynn like rubbing her stuffed animals on her hands, cheeks and even rubs them on her eyelashes.
Then we noticed she was especially attached to this cute pink bunny.I thought "how cute she has her own little woobie" HA!!! Soon I replaced "how cute" with "OH NO!" Brooklynn absolutely HAD to sleep with it. (We realized that one night when she was 7 months old at our cabin and Berkie cried all night, because we couldn't find it in the dark.)
Two years later, binkybunny is essential if you want Brooklynn to sleep. I can't even wash it much, number one every time I remember to wash it, it's time for bed. Second in fear that it will fall apart and Berk will become an insomniac like her mom. Ignore the gross pictures of it, I realized how discusting it was and I do wash it a lot more.
I really think it is darling that she has a woobie, I just hope she is not 15 and calls me at a sleepover to bring it to her. Or is married and there is binkybunny right in the middle of her bed. We love her little binkybunny, I am acctually considering investing in one, maybe it will help me.


The Hillmans said...

I'm so sorry you can't sleep! That's miserable. Brooklynn can come over anytime if you need to take a nap.


Erin Stones said...

All the "little" things about pregnancy- like not being able to sleep- are so great aren't they?!? I had the same problem with both pregnancies. Naps are so essential. With Liberty I was teaching school and I used to literally fall asleep at my desk after school. You just get to the point of exhaustion- just not at night! Good luck with that! When you finally have the little guy it will make it all worth it, and believe it or not you will forget how hard it was!

Ryan & Dani Oldroyd said...

Thanks for your support, I am able to lay down and rest when Brooklynn goes down for her nap. I don't mind, I will just be extra prepared to be up at night with a baby right? The 2 1/2 weeks we had to prepare before Brooklynn was born I couldn't sleep either I was nervous and excited. I will get there.

Lace said...

Kylee has "Teddy" that she can't sleep with out. My Grandma made Teddy for her when she was probably 2 and can't sleep with out it. Until Teddy got a rip in him and I told her we needed to get him fixed. Well my Grandma has been in the hospital for about a month and just got out so for the past month Ky hasn't sleeped with him. So I should probably put Teddy away so she can just continue to not depend on him. I hope you can start to sleep better. When I was prego I got a body pillow and that helped a ton. You should try that.

Amy said...

How cute! I have to say I still loved to cuddle up every now and then to my baby blanket and I am watch out! Hope sleeping goes better!