Saturday, February 23, 2008

Totally Milking it...

So Jacob got home from his mission in Uruguay, the end of January. (the day before Amber's birthday.) It was fun to see Jake. It was crazy for him to come home to a neice and nephew. When Jacob left Brooklynn was only about 4 weeks old. On Jake's mission he had a cyst, in an undisclosed location, he did surgery and was still miserable for half of his mission. So he came home he had to get a 2nd surgery so he stayed at our house for a few days. I told him that I would take care of him and be a good little mommy. We were worried it would be as bad as his first surgery, it wasn't.

He was totally milking it though. He could get up and walk around fine and one day I was in the kitchen I had just made him and Amber lunch and I was cleaning up. Jake and Amber were on the couch watching tv. Jake yelled "Danielle?" and Amber looked at Jake "What do you need?" Jake just shook his head and said it again... "Danielle?" So I came in to see what he needed. "Hey can you hand me the remote?" He thought it was so funny, Amber and I just rolled our eyes. I really didn't mind, I told him I would take care of him. Ryan and Jake had a lot of fun playing video games together. Well after about 3 weeks of being home he decided it was time to leave again. Jake moved to Logan and just got a job at Zion's Bank. Now our whole family is back home.

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Marianne said...

Hey Ryan and Dani! Cute blog:) Brooklynn is so grown up and adorable.
Love you guys! Marianne