Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bates Motel...

In October Brooklynn, myself and my mom (Grandma Bean) went to Montana to pick up my sister Terra from her mission. It was great, first we stopped in Yellowstone (it was my first time going there) and we took some great pictures. The next day we went to the mission home to get Terra. We were so nervous and excited and we went up to the front door and it was locked so we walked around the whole building and all the doors seemed to be locked. We could see everyone's shadows from the window and we knew we were a few minutes late but we didn't know what to do, we were trying to avoid embarrassing Terra. We had thought about knocking on the door that was cracked open but you could see someone was sitting in front of it. Finally we went around to the kitchen door and walked in. Terra was so happy to see us she was worried thought that something might have happened to us. We were unsure why, we were only a few minutes late. Come to find out we were an hour late. OOPS, looks like we got the wrong info. It was so much fun seeing Terra and spending that week with her and seeing her mission areas. Brooklynn absolutely loved her I thought Brooklynn was a wild child but get her and Terra together two crazy girlies. My favorite place was Townsend, Montana. It was this little tiny town about a mile long, After driving through the town two times we decided to settle on the only motel we could find. It was this little (Bates) Motel. It seemed deserted, we were a little scared.In our room there were two doors one was the bathroom. The other was this locked door that you couldn't open from our side. We would make up stories of what could happen to us at night. (That is what I get for watching too many scary movies.) It was really nice to see her. We had a lot of fun on our trip. Terra works at Great Harvest and also a Group home. She is also going to school to be a Teacher. Busy girl.


The Parks said...

Hey Dani,
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Jen said...

Hey Dani! I just found your blog! How cute. Beautiful photos too. :)