Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanksgiving was really fun. This year we ate dinner with my side of the family. We went to my uncle Jim's house. The next day I went with Danielle and we did our annual Day after Thanksgiving shopping. We had too much fun. Christmas, we had a really nice holiday. On Christmas Eve we went to Aunt Linda's house and had dinner and all the kids opened their one gift. After that we stopped off at my mom's house and visited with Terra and my mom. Christmas morning was so much fun Brooklynn loved opening presents but she didn't look at what she got until every peice of the wrapping paper was off the gift. She loved all her stuff, Santa really spoiled her this year. We then went to Grandma Oldroyd's to have breakfast and opened more presents. Brooklynn's favorite was this little Mickey Mouse from one of Eric and Danielle's kids (I can't remember which one.) It was a lot of fun. We didn't celebrate Christmas with the Dennis Family this year because Terra had just recently got home, Josh and Johana and Caleb were spending about 3 weeks in Honduras visiting Johana's family and Jacob Budd was still on his mission. So we decided to postpone it until later when everyone was home. Christmas night though my mom and Terra came over to see what Brooklynn got and my mom did give her one gift. We just celebrated it in February. I was so excited the night before I called everyone and resited 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.... Brooklynn even wore a red dress and that night she wore her Christmas pajamas. Everyone, including Ryan thought I was a little too excited for our Christmas in February. But I am a kid at heart, I love all holidays and sometimes I get carried away. But that is okay. We had fun.

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Hess Fam said...

yea!!! Ok now we just need to get Min to figure out this computer crap!!! Cute blog. I love this it is so much fun! I found this site too that when you have a ton of posts you can upload your blog and they'll print it for you in a book so basically you have a journal. Cool huh. Well I am glad you are a blogger now!! welcome! we need to get together we always say that but we really need to. We should try and go to dinner with just girlys like every 3 months or something! anyways talk to ya later!