Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our angel for time and all eternity.

After 5 years of waiting for a baby we got Brooklynn December 28,2005. We thought the hard part was over. It only took 14 months to make the adoption official. When it came we were so excited. On March 15,2007 (The same day Caleb was born) we went to court and it was final. We were so thrilled. April 7, 2007 Brooklynn was sealed to us in the Salt Lake Temple. My fears of her getting taken away from us left. What a great time in our lives. And what a sweet angel we were blessed with.

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Terapeuta Leila Rubio said...

Hola, les escribo para comentarles que tienen un blog encantador, sĂșper emocional, que fue un placer leer.
Hi, I´m writing for said you that when I see this blog, I rest delighted whit your pasion for family. blessing. Leila.