Monday, October 1, 2012

Boston (Part 5)

Ryan and his dad went to a Redsox game so Susan and I decided to go out and see some fun things on our own. We went to one of their cemetaries. It was so neat. So many graves of some amazing people in American History.
Across the street from this cemetary is a Samuel Adams bar. The joke is that it is the only place you can drink a Samuel Adams (beer) while looking and seeing Samuel Adams.
Some of the headstones were so creepy. So glad that people put hearts and angels on headstones now a days.
They are so old that many of the ones that were flat have worn off from the weather over the many years.
Yep, that's right Paul Revere!
What the...? 
A tree grew around a headstone.
John Hancock
Ben Franklin's Family was buried here. Ben was buried in Philly.

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