Wednesday, October 20, 2010

37 weeks and counting...

I am 37 weeks and about 1 day now. Last week at 36 weeks I went to my doctor and everything was going well. I actually gained 2 pounds, I had been losing weight and it was good to see it go in the right direction. Still measuring 3 weeks small though. I have to do weekly Non-stress tests and weekly Ultrasounds to keep an eye on the baby. At that time my baby was about 5-5 1/2 pounds and looking strong. He told me that I was a 2 and 75% effaced. That was exciting because with Cameron I delivered at 37 weeks and was only a 1 and 80% when they started me.

Every time we asked Cameron what he wanted for his birthday he said "baby, bobo (blanket)" Last thursday we went to Gardner Village and walked around a bit. In the middle of the night I started having contractions and they were about 5 or 6 minutes apart. I started getting nervous when they got a little harder and closer. We went to the hospital and the nurse said they were now 2-4 minutes apart. It was so funny because it was Cameron's actual birthday and we thought he may acctually get a baby for his birthday. Unfortunately after the hour I wasn't progressing and was sent home. At least we got to have a fun day with my buddy for his birthday.

I have continued to wake up (almost at the exact same time) with contractions. They are very close together but not hard enough. Monday I went back to my doctor for my 37 week apt. This time I lost a 1/2 pound, but nothing to be worried about and am measuring at 32 weeks. Which they said was normal now since she has dropped. My protein goes back and forth between traces and 1+ and my Blood pressure was a little elevated, but not quite enough to induce me. I was a little disapointed that I was measuring the same as last week- a 2 and 75%. With out too many details my doctor said that my body is ready to have a baby, but just not getting there with all my contractions.

I knew I only had two days until Ryan had to go back to work. Now I don't mind baking her a little longer, but really don't want to deal with the stress of not having my husband around at night and going through the pains by myself until he can meet us at the hospital. Unfortunaly it didn't happen yet, so the next couple nights will be scary for me. (especially since I wake up at 2am until about 6am of night with contractions.) I have also had cramping and contractions pretty consistenly for about 48 hours, but they just aren't hard enough to do much. I did go to the hospital again the other day for other reasons (not contractions), but to get something checked out and I was pretty sure they wouldn't keep me. I was happy to find out I was now a 3 and 80%, so all my contractions did do something. They kept me there to see if I would change, since I was having contractions under 5 minutes apart. My protein was now a 1+ and my blood pressure was still elevated. After an hour they checked me again no progress. My blood pressure was the same but only a few numbers off what it would be to be concerned and start me. I was sent home again. (I knew it.) So I just have to deal with a these contractions and wait until they are a little harder. I just wish they didn't keep me up all night. Oh well, my little angel will come when she is ready. I can't wait to hold my little angel and see what she looks like.


Here And Happy! said...

It's hard to be patient for someone so precious! She'll be worth it--we want her as baked as possible, for no worries. Stay strong.

Amy said...

OH my goodness! Hang in there...we are so excited to see what your little darling girl looks like!