Friday, August 20, 2010

St. George

Warning a lot of posts coming your way. I know that I write a lot. Feel free to just look at the pictures if you want. This is just our family journal/scrapbook. Enjoy! P.S. Half of the pictures I used my little camera and some my nice one. That is why some aren't as good as the others, still gets the job done though.

Last week we went to St. George to stay with Ryan's parents at the condo. We love our trips to St. George, mostly because that is pretty much the only vacation place we go and it is a blast. We normally go at least twice a year, but unfortunately I am not being allowed to go this October for the marathon. I will surely miss it. Especially since this is Ryan's 5th year too. Always next year. We had a great time, although we had a couple tantrums, a little boy who wouldn't stop turning on the microwave and climbing on the counters, a broken plate and a little girl who wouldn't go to bed, but still a fun trip.

At the swimming pool there is a cute little putting green. Cam liked that more than swimming.

In downtown St. George there is a little splash pad and river you can walk in. We didn't plan to stay long since it was 105 degrees out, but the kids had a blast. Now I wish I had brought their swimming suits.

We swam at least once a day and some days Brooklynn and Ryan went twice. Unfortunately they didn't heat the pool AT ALL. Even though it was hot outside, it was freezing in the pool. The last night we went it seemed warmer and that was the first time I got all the way in. It was still fun, but oh I wish it would have been a little warmer.

Brooklynn loved swimming and never wanted to leave. Cameron on the other hand HATED it. He would cry when we put him in. All he wanted to do was hang his feet on the edge.

At this condo there is a little pond that has some fish and we would go on a few walks around it. I took the kids a couple times when the woke up at 6:30 AM and I didn't want them to wake the rest of the house.

We sure had a blast and are so glad that we got to go again. Thanks mom and dad Oldroyd. I love St. George and I know Ryan loves it even more than I do.

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Hart Home said...

Love that last pic, where you walking with the kids by the water. You look so cute!!