Friday, August 20, 2010

Eye Patch


I think I have talked about this when Brooklynn got her glasses, but here is a reminder (for my own journeling purposes). When Brooklynn started walking I noticed that she walked funny. Some others noticed too, but some reassured me she was just learning it was ok. After several talks with her doctor he thought her legs and bones were ok, but of course said "Mothers know best." We were sent to physical therapy and they found her muscles were really tight, but not enough to explain how she walked and went very slowly up and down stairs. Anytime there was a crack in the sidewalk or a little bump she slowed down to go over it. We were stumped. I knew that something had to be off though when her brother who is 3 years younger went faster up and down stairs.

A girl at Ryan's work told him to get her eyes checked, because her daughter went through the same thing. Sure enough that was the problem. Her eyesight was 125/20. Right eye is perfect and left doesn't work so good. After 5 weeks in glasses she went back and there was a huge improvement 70/20. (that is with glasses, so she still doesn't see perfect wearing glasses.) Another 5 weeks later we went again and it didn't improve a ton, but still getting better at 60/20.

Her Opthamalogist decided to patch her eye once a day for 3 months for an hour. She was so excited the first day. Until she realized that we had to patch the good eye and she can't see well at all. Poor thing just cries. I am such a mean mom, but I just want to help it get better. One day she went to get on the computer and it was locked. She knows the password and normally just types it in and starts playing. It was about 5 minutes later I noticed that she only had about 3 letters typed in cause she couldn't see. It was a sad moment for me. She has her ups and downs with it, but sometimes we have to bribe her to wear it.

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