Friday, August 6, 2010

My girl


I always think, "Oh this is the best time, kids are so funny at this age." It just keeps getting better and better and what Brooklynn says gets more funny and cute. I have a very spirited child and some days are emotional and rough, but she is so funny and sweet too. Here are a few things that she says that have just cracked me up.

Work Prayer
{We let Brooklynn say the prayer when she wants to and she does the best prayers. We rarely have to help her. Some of the things that she says is so cute and funny. It lets us know she really listens when we pray}
"Dear Heavenly Father, We are thankful for our day and our food. Please bless it to make us healthy and strong. Please bless" {whisper} "wait daddy are you going to work?"
"Okay, never mind. Please bless our family tonight and Nanci and the baby..."
It was so cute. Side note... My sister-in-law had a cute baby a few days ago and I will post pictures soon.

Favorite Singers
"Mom, do you want to know my favorite singers?"
"Taylor Swift, Kelly Pickler, Carrie Underwood... Who sings that bee song?"
"Uncle Kracker." (I listen to country a lot in the car so Brooklynn knows them all)
"...Uncle Kracker, that's a funny name. Is he an uncle?"
"...Oh, Uncle Kracker and Justin Bieber."
"What!?!? Where in the world did you hear Justin Bieber?"
"Abbie told me." (her cousin)
Oh please help me, don't start this yet... I think I already have a teenager on my hands.

Spendy Art Work
(about the two pictures) Brooklynn loves to draw and paint and do any kind of art. She does some neat things. (very abstract). Once she tells you what her picture is of, it is cool cause you can actually see it. One of my favorite things is when she draws a picture of her self; she always has one eye that is just blue and the other that is half blue and brown. She is very detail oriented. She started drawing pictures and told me that she was going to sell them. I played a long for awhile, but she got serious about it and wanted to take them to family and have them buy them. I convinced her to practice first and give them as gifts and when she got older she could sell them. She agreed. (Her art work: Top left- A fish in water, Top right- Fireman getting out the fire, Bottom left- Monster face (it's upside down, but the lips are green and eyes black. pretty scary), Bottom right- a very colorful parrot. (I think it kinda looks like a Tucan.)

Sweet Prayer
"Dear Heavenly Father, We are thankful for our day, bless us tonight to be safe. Help us sleep good. Please bless mommy and the baby to be healthy and strong. Bless mommy to be sss... {whisper} Mom, I was going to say 'bless mommy to be sweet', but you are already sweet." Wow I have the sweetest little girl ever.

That's my girl and I love her to peices. She sure keeps life entertaining.


Amy said...

so cute! I love reading stories like this! especially the last prayer...I always know when I'm not patient enough because Will asks Heavenly Father for me to be nicer. That's a wake up call!

Meghann said...

She's so darling!