Thursday, July 15, 2010


The other day my sister was coloring with Brooklynn in a Charlie Brown coloring book and said that Cameron looks like him. Really he does. Especially if you see the profiles and if Cam's hair is slicked down. That might be his Halloween costume this year. We will see.

Lately Cameron LOVES his blanky. He has a brown blanket that he always sleeps with and wants to take all over. I was nervous that he would just get attached to that one. I gave him this new one hoping he would like it. He does, but got mad cause it wouldn't stay around his shoulders. Once I tied it he was very happy.

Cameron is talking a lot more and is just super cute. One thing that he started saying when we ask him "Why are you so cute? " is "I don't know." and he shrugs his shoulders. What a cute boy.

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