Thursday, July 15, 2010


Since I wasn't feeling good it was really hard for me to take the kids outside in the heat and do stuff with them. I would try to think of some activities we could do inside that didn't take much energy from me. One day we made some cupcakes and Brooklynn decorated them. She loved it.

Over the years I use to buy crafts like crazy. (Before kids came along) Well I never really got to doing any of them. So I get them out once in awhile and let Brooklynn paint them. She loves it and painting is one of her favorite activities. She decided to make these for a couple of her cousins. She had a blast.

I don't have a picture, but Brooklynn has found another hobby that she loves. Unfortunately she gets it from me, she LOVES to clean, organize and re-organize. It drives me nuts. She is still so excited for the baby that she keeps cleaning her room to make space for the baby. Well it is fine that she tries to help, BUT she goes a little too far. She is trying to get rid of all her toys cause she is big now. Well I know if we get rid of them, she will be sad. She also gets bags and puts some toys in them and says that she is saving them for the baby. She is such a sweet girl, but I really wish she would relax and let me help her. Oh well, that's my girl and I love her.

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Meghann said...

Wish I had the organization bug! What sweet kiddo you have!