Wednesday, July 14, 2010

23 weeks

Bad picture sorry...

Two weeks of throwing up- $25 of wasted food
Two weeks of exhaustion= Ryan cleaning and cooking- $my own insanity
One Insta Care visit, two doctor visits- $70
Visit to Hospital to get 3 Liters of IV fluids- PRICELESS

Well I will get to the picture in a minute. First I will tell about my 23 week doctor appointment.

I am still measuring 1 week bigger. My heart rate has been pretty good. So far it has only gotten to 130, not the 160's and 170's that it was with Cameron. I have to check my urine from home 1-2 times a week to check for protein. It is showing traces to 1+, but my blood pressure is low so no worries there yet. Baby Girl's heart rate was 163 and she is moving and seems to be doing great. Everything is really going good, just had a little episode, but feeling much better. I am so grateful for a good doctor and family who helps me out. And of course my baby girl who we are so thankful for.

To make a long story still long... I have not felt well for a few weeks. It started out really slow but progressed to me doing nothing. I am the type that always keeps my house clean, laundary done and dinner made. Even when I feel sick, I do my best to push through. BUT this was different. After the Insta care and doctors visits I was showing UTI, possible kidney infection or stone, dehydration. They did blood work and it was fine. Plus the culture came back negative too. My doctor was out of town all week so the PA did nothing. Saturday I was having really bad pain and we almost went to the hospital, but I decided just to lay down and rest. I think I passed a kidney stone later that day. I felt so aweful. Monday my doctor was back and I saw him. In the last 5 days I lost 2 pounds and I was still showing infection and dehydration. So he sent me to Labor and Delivery to get some fluids and medicine. Ryan had to work so it was nice that my mom came with me and my sister stayed with the kids. We were there from about 7:30pm until 2am Tuesday. Baby was doing good and I think the fluids helped her too. She moved more that night than I have ever felt her before. It is amazing the difference, I feel so much better and should have done that 2 weeks earlier. They still aren't sure why I was dehydrated. I drink anywhere from 6-10 glasses of water a day. It could be my issues with my kidneys though. I am just so glad I am doing better and can be a better wife and mom. Most of all so glad that the baby girl is doing good too.


RenaeF said...

Glad to hear your feeling better!

Meghann said...

Oh Dani, you're such a tropper! I'm glad you're feeling better :)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear you have been feeling well! Glad to hear you are getting better!!

Amy said...

Woah what a story! I got really sick when I was prego with Owen, couldn't keep anything down and decided to go to the hospital when I was pooping blood(really gross I know) but I was so extremely dehydrated that I need an IV for 4 hours! It's amazing how much better you feel after that IV! Mine was just some severe stomach thing...weird! I am glad you are feeling better and hopefully have some energy back!

Jamie said...

Yuck, sorry you had a bad run there of yuckness! Good to hear you and baby are doing better (: