Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goofy Kids.

Today when Cameron was asleep and Brooklynn was having Quiet time in her room I was watching that movie Fame. Brooklynn heard the music and came out and started dancing. It was so funny I recorded it.

Cameron started doing this Grouchy Face and it is so cute. Too bad he doesn't look at the camera for it. He also started giving the sweetest hugs. Although he wasn't very cooperative, but he is still cute.


grandmao said...

Brooklynn's dance was hilarious! What a little actress! She is so funny!

Ally said...

The last 20 seconds was the best part of the video! Loved the "sexy" moves she has! She must get them from Ryan!

Jenny said...

She's quite the little dancer!!! Soooo cute!!! I love watching little girls dance. It's comes so natural!