Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to all of you

Well too many June birthdays. Happy Birthday Connor, Josh, Brady and Katelin. First I didn't mention Connor's Birthday. It was June 5th. Connor has a lot of energy and loves being with the boys. He loves hanging out with Ryan and playing video games.

Today, June 14th is Josh's birthday (my older brother) He turned 29 today. Josh and Johana have a little boy named Caleb and a baby on the way. Josh is very talented at drawing, painting and graphic design. Also Josh can play guitar, bass guitar and the mandalin.

Brady turns 8 years old tomorrow (June 15th). Brady loves all sports it depends on the season right now he is playing baseball. Brady likes to play video games and be with his dad Jeff.

Katelin, oh my goodness, she is turning 12 years old tomorrow also. (June 15th) Right now Katie is really into clothes, she is very talented at drawing and making a glob of clay into a peice of art. She also enjoys hanging out with her cousins and friends.
I hope you all had/have a wonderful birthday. We love you all.

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The Snells said...

Hey! I never get to see you at work. We need to get together. Hope all is well for you and the fam.