Saturday, May 31, 2008

How many bikes does one person need?

Well Ryan loves riding bikes and now it seems like he loves collecting them too. So he finally found a road bike, after months of searching. He was so happy. But how many bikes does one person need? Well for Ryan it turns out that 6 is the perfect amount. We counted last night and since Ryan was 19 years old he has had 13 bikes total. So here are some of Ryan's bikes.
Ryan's new Road bike.

Ryan's single speed Road bike.

Ryan's Road Cruiser

Ryan's single speed Mountain Bike

Ryan's Mountain Bike

Ryan also has a unicycle that I do not have a picture of. Most of these bikes Ryan got for under $100 and he spent a lot of time fixing up himself. His Mountain Bike and his Road bike are the nice bikes that he will use most of the time. I just thought I would do a little blog on his bikes, since Ry is so very excited to have all the bikes he wants. Boys and their toys. :)


Hess Fam said...

I want a pink cruiser so bad!!! He sounds like matt except matt's obseesion is fishing crap. I think our garage is half full of all of the fishing stuff he has collected. So I hope you are feeling better! We need to reschedule your party!! Now when is your exact due date? We will have very close babies! how fun is that. I think that you are having a boy! that's my guess!! Anyways talk to ya later!

Ally said...

Definately "Boys and their Toys". Uugh. Fortunately for you, he's a bargain shopper and a fixer upper! My man just buys the most expensive thing he can find! The more it costs the better it is, right??? (rolling eyes)