Saturday, August 18, 2012

St. Patricks Day

Forgot to add this picture of Brooklynn's hair for Valentines. One of my favorite hairdo's for her. It's a ♥heart♥!

We always make a trap to catch our Leprachaun Patrick. Brooklynn is so creative. She loosely taped a string hanging above the box with a coin taped to the bottom, but once he grabs it he will fall through the box since the string is barely taped above and can't hold his weight.

Unfortunately it didn't work. But for being so creative he left some fun treats for the kids and a gold coin each. Lucky kids.

He then went all around the house and moved stuff around and made a bunch of messes.

Patrick scattered toys.

Put stuffed animals out of place.

scattered shoes...

and books.

puzzles and more stuff animals.

and Barbies. (woo woo- Prince Charming)

Patrick decorated all the doors.

He turned our milk green and even peed in the toilet. GROSS!

We loved the skittle rainbow.

Love my cute green kiddos! We had a fun holiday!

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the nayz said...

How cute and fun this is! I love the hairstyle, I am sad that Jayci's hair is too short now.