Friday, October 14, 2011

My little Buddy is 3 Years old



I can't believe Cameron is getting so old. Wow, where has the time gone? He is my little miracle and now he is talking and independent and doesn't even want to hold my hand.Photobucket

I was blessed with an Angel Brooklynn and then surprised with my little miracle Cameron. We were so surprised. I was happy and scared at the same time. I wasn't sure how to handle pregnancy and there were a few scary moments along the way.

I remember that I kept asking my doctor if he could induce me just a little early so I could have a Halloween baby. He said no. Then I found out I had Pre-eclamsia and when I was at my 3 week appointment he said "Well I will induce you early." I was expecting him to say in the next few days or next week, but was very surprised. "So can you be to the hospital by 1:00 today?" I just started crying. I know I know. I asked for it, but I never really thought it would come.


We got to the hospital and by the time they got me in a room it was about 1:30. They got me all set up and started the petosin and my doctor came around 3:30 to break my water. I still felt fine. I sent Ryan down to the cafeteria to eat lunch and man oh man, that is when the contractions started. I didn't want to bug the nurses or Ryan so I waited until he came back and they called to get my epidural. It was lovely. I LOVED the anesthesiologist. He has done several of my surgeries and D&C.


Poor baby had a little trouble coming into this world. Also my heart rate went up to about 170 and so they stopped, gave me some oxygen and called the doc asking for an emergency C-section, but my heart rate improved and I was breathing better. My doctor had been waiting and at 7:35 my doctor came in to see how things were going and Cameron was born at 7:37 PM. It was an amazing experience. How lucky to be blessed with special and very different experiences with my 3 children.Photobucket

Cam just tugged at my heartstrings. He is very independent and very curious. I remember the day this little 12 month old pushed his highchair over to the counter and climbed on up. He taught his almost 3 year old sister how to sneak some treats.


Our little Cam was born with the cutest misshapen head and wore a darling helmet. Poor boy was so hot wearing it and so we put a fan in his room to keep him from sweating so bad. Unfortunately Cam had a hard time sleeping with out after the helmet was removed and we have to keep the bathroom fan on for "white noise" to help him go to sleep.


Cameron loved his mommy and would not take a bottle or binky. It was so hard, but we got through the first year and he did fine after that. And now here we are 3 years old and he doesn't like to hold mommy's hand anymore. Well I know he still loves me. It is just hard to see them grow up so fast. Really who can resist this cute boy!Photobucket

Cameron's Favorite Things

Food- Pizza, String Cheese, cupcakes, grapes, Strawberries and most of all Cereal.
Movies- Astro Boy, LeapFrog Learning, Sam the Fireman, Beauty and the Beast (and most other Disney movies) and most of all any of the Toy Story movies.
Toys- Daddy's phone and pager, anything that looks like a gun or sword, trucks and cars, his awesome Strider bike, his Toy Story figures and his Buzz Lightyear gun.


~Cameron is cuddly one minute and jumping and running all around the room the next minute.
~Mommy hates taking him to stores since he loves to hide from her, but once she finds him he says. "Mommy, where you go? I looking." He is lucky he is so dang cute! ~He is such a character and makes the cutest faces.
~Cameron has a silly sense of humor and always trying to play jokes on us. ~He doesn't want to take naps, but once mommy tucks him in he just rolls over and goes to sleep. (Hope we can get it to last awhile longer.)
~Cam is a ladies man, he loved kissing all the girls at Disneyland.
~He looks super cute in orange, especially his orange hat.
~Cam does not want to go potty, but I think he is ready, just a little nervous. We are giving him a little more time to make sure.

Our little Cameron is my little bubbsy and we love him so much! What a blessing he is to our family.

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Amy said...

I love the picture of Cameron pulling the wagon with his toys! What a handsome little boy! Happy Birthday!