Tuesday, March 29, 2011

McKenna Mae


My grandma Budd is very special to me and I lived with her growing up for about 8 years until I got married. She is forgetting a lot now and she is always so happy that I finally have a baby. I then get to remind her I now have 3. She is so sweet and always good with the babies. I just love these pictures of her with McKenna. I really wanted to name McKenna after her, but she scolded me to please not name my baby Merle. So I thought I would just do the middle initial M. I told my neice that is nice because that is Ryan's grandma's initial too. Merle and Maxine. My neice Katelin said you should do Mae for MErle and MAxine. Then it hit me. MAE stands for our 4 grandma's. Merle, Maxine, Aleene and Elaine. I am so proud to have 4 wonderful grandmas. Two of which are still with us. And McKenna is a lucky girl to be named after such great women. Love you all my grandmas! Photobucket

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