Friday, September 3, 2010

Brooklynn's pictures

(Self Portrait)

Last year Brooklynn got a camera for her birthday, and she loved it. I got it at the day after Thanksgiving sale for only $5. The problem is it doesn't have the screen on the back, so the only way I know what pictures were taken are to download them first. Half of them are black because she puts it the wrong way or covers up where it takes the picture. The other half just are bad quality since it is a cheapo camera. Here are a few of her pictures...

Daddy walking in the kitchen.

Little brother Cameron.

Mommy and Cam.

Brooklynn wanted me to take a picture with her camera of her with her eye patch on.

Cameron's self portrait

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John & Britta said...

I love that she has her own camera. We need to get one for Katie, she is always begging to take pictures with our camera or our phones.