Tuesday, September 7, 2010

31 weeks

Today I hit 31 weeks. Wahoo only 9 weeks left. Long post. Big update on pregnancy, mostly for my own journaling.

To update on the last 5 weeks, there is a lot of info. 6 weeks ago I had my 26 week appointment and things were good. I gained the appropriate 1 pound a week. Baby sounded good and was moving around. I have been keeping hydrated which has helped with my kidneys and stones, although I still have a few painful ones. My heart rate has been doing good and not getting too high. I went almost 3 weeks without any protein, but it has come back and have traces of it showing up, but not a large amount to worry and my blood pressure is great.

At the end of that appointment I did my glucose test. It is no fun but doesn't bug me too bad. I wasn't surprised when I didn't pass. I did the same with Cameron, but passed the 3 hour test. So I went back a few days later to do the 3 hour one. First time passed, second time passed again. I knew that I didn't need to do it. I already went through this with Cam. Third and fourth came around and I failed. I was not happy. My doctor said mine was not very bad, but still had to take care of it. I went to see a diabetic specialist and nutritionist.

After seeing them it was not as horrible as I thought, but still a whole lot different than I was eating. It is difficult there are so many things I can't eat and have to watch. One of my favorite things is a bowl of cereal. That has always been my pregnancy food of choice. I can't even have that. I only get 30 carbs per meal (with 6 meals a day) so I have to be really careful. I eat a lot of salad for lunch and dinner and breakfast I either have cottage cheese and a fruit or one peice of toast with almond butter. I get pretty sick of eating the same old stuff, but of course I will do whatever I have to for the baby. There are a lot of risks and if I take good care of myself it will help minimize them. I am doing good and in 5 weeks have only had a few times that my blood sugar has gone up. I told Ryan that if this baby is born before my birthday I get a big yummy chocolate cake.

Now for my 30 week appointment it went good although I should have gained another 3-4 pounds I acctually lost a pound and a half. My doctor thinks it is just my drastic food change and they will keep an eye on it. I am also measuring 2 weeks smaller, but it is okay to be two weeks bigger or smaller. Everything else went good, she is still moving around and has a good heart rate and sometimes she likes to even wake me up in the middle of the night because she is so active. Next week I go to my 32 week apt and will start weekly stress tests to keep an eye on the baby. My doctor is being really positive and hopes to get me to 38 weeks at least... We will see. He also said "But also be prepared if we take her early." Cameron had the same due date as this babe and he was born at 37 weeks. Myself and Ryan's cousins wife are both pregnant and one baby will be #65 and one #66. We will see who's comes first. (Hopefully hers since her due date is 2 weeks earlier.)

I have been going through some Nesting stages and even though I am so tired I pull through cause I am just going crazy with cleaning, organizing and decorating. It has been a lot of fun though.


Jeff and Nanci said...

Congrats! I'm so excited you are getting closer and closer. Brianna needs a little play mate.

Lisa D said...

31 weeks already?? How did that happen?! Sorry you are dealing with all that fun pregnancy stuff- that really sucks when you can't eat what you want especially with all the cravings! Good luck with everything in the next few weeks.

Amy said...

You are so close and sound like you are doing well! It is so fun to have updates, especially when we are so close!